21 March, 2017 - 1:00 pm

The oil industry has scarpered to Taranaki for their annual conference and it’s our job to disrupt it.

The ‘People’s Climate Rally’ at the 2017 Petroleum Conference in Taranaki will include peaceful protest, workshops and entertainment for people of all ages and backgrounds who support a world powered by clean energy.

Let’s rally to urgently curb the looming climate catastrophe and tell the oil barons to FRACK OFF.

Every year at its annual conference in Auckland or Wellington, the oil industry has faced growing opposition. In March 2016, over 200 people blockaded the conference and shut it down for several hours through peaceful civil disobedience. Let’s make 2017 the biggest showdown yet.

Now they’ve run, but they can’t hide. Just as no one can hide from climate change – the oil industry cannot hide from the global movement that intends to make sure that this is the generation that ends oil.

The ‘People’s Climate Rally’ is being organised by Taranaki locals and other groups working on climate change, fracking, oil and gas drilling, and social justice. Organising groups include Climate Justice Taranaki, Frack Free, Oil Free Wellington, Greenpeace, 350 Aotearoa, Ngatiawa Kl Taranaki Trust, Oil Free Auckland, Pacific Panthers, Parihaka and Friends of Waitara River Inc.

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