12 March, 2017 - 10:00 am
Hadera israel

An all family “burst the coal bubble” activity.
We will open the BF in Israel in the local celebration of the youth movement in the city of Hadera. This will be a first engagement step with the Hadera youth that will continue afterward for the solarozation project in the city.
We will open a GP space in the celebration area and in it we will have an all family activities:
1. Soap bubbles – enjoy the fascinating method of creating a large bubble
2. Burst the bubble – volunteer dressed in a minister of energy costume will make a huge smoke bubble with a smoking machine and the mission of the children is to burst the coal bubble.
3. Sun faces – makeup artist will draw suns on the children faces as we get an image of sun making a clean bubble.
4. VR station – the crowd will enjoy 3D experience of the effect of FF on the arctic.
5. Photo stand for online mobilization
6. Petition signing by volunteers dressed as bubbles

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