Part of the Break Free movement, the environmental Justice group EJES (Enlace por la Justicia Ambiental) presented an economic report for the hydrocarbon sector in Argentina.Greenpeace local group in Rosario and STS supported the presentation of the report.

Break Free Activities in Australia - Photo Album

Activists from 7 countries unveiled resistance art in the heart of the Belgian operation of Total, in the port of Antwerp. They called for a halt to Total's plans to drill for oil in the mouth of the Amazon. Climbing a chimney, a flare stack and a fuel tank, they unfurled banners saying "Total, don't destroy the reef". They also revealed an art installation designed by renowned street artist Bonom (real name Vincent Glowinski) - before they smeared it with 'oil'; the same fate that could hit the Amazon reef in the case of an oil leak.

In Copacabana beach, a 100-meter image was formed by more than 500 people. Around 200 of them were students from public schools in Rio de Janeiro. The action was coordinated by the artist John Quigley with Greenpeace Brazil for the Defend The Amazon Reef campaign. The goal is to stop an oil exploration near this recently discovered marine biome. Na praia de Copacabana, uma imagem de 100 metros de comprimento foi formada por mais de 500 pessoas. Cerca de 200 eram estudantes de escolas públicas do Rio de Janeiro. A ação foi coordenada pelo artista John Quigley junto ao Greenpeace Brasil para a campanha Defenda os Corais da Amazônia, que quer barrar a exploração de petróleo perto desse bioma marinho, descoberto há pouco tempo.

Activists from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Poland and the Czech Republic gathered yesterday in front of the National Theater in Sofia, Bulgaria, to join the global movement Break Free.Credits: Photographer (360 pictures): Boryana Boteva Photographer ('conventional pictures'): Ivan Donchev

Break Free Activity at Invierno Coal Mine in Chile. A group of activists in Chile climbed the facilities of the Invierno coal mine in the south region of Chile, Magallanes, as part of the Break Free global wave of resistance against fossil fuels.

As part of the Break Free movement, Greenpeace Croatia along with the local NGO Cyclists' Union and Green Action/FoE Croatia organized on March 12, 2017 a protest bicycle ride in Zagreb calling for an end to the fossil era and transition to renewable energy. 1500 cyclists attended. The participants made a brief stop in fron of HEP, Croatia’s biggest utility, and spread a 16-meter banner reading “Break Free from Fossil Fuels”.

Pardubice, 27. 3. 2017 A dozen of dead bodies has covered the floor of the foyer of the regional administration in the town of Pardubice this morning. By „dying“ in the administrations premises, activists of the Limity jsme my movement and the local initiatives have protested against the ongoing operation of the Chvaletice coal power plant, that has been illegaly and without public consultation extended to the year 2030. Contacts: Mikulas Cernik, Limity jsme my movement:

Break Free Flower Protest in Poedelwitz Greenpeace activists, together with other NGOs and villagers from Poedelwitz, plant a yellow "x" made out of 1000 daffodils in front of the village church to set a clearly visible sign of the resistance against lignite mining in the area. The action is part of the world-wide "Break Free" movement against fossil fuels. The energy company Mibrag Group plans to tear down Poedelwitz and wants to excavate the lignite below the village.

Break Free Activities in Greece - Photo Album

Break Free Action in Jakarta. People gather to hold a long march during the Break Free 2017 event in Jakarta. They urge the Corruption Eradication Commission to investigate the corruption practice on the coal and mining industry in Indonesia. They also urge the government to change fossil fuel power plant development into renewable energy.

Break Free activities in Israel in several places. During the Jerusalem marathon and in front of the power plant in Hedera, Greenpeace activists hung banners, and releasing bubbles calling the energy minister to run away from coal now and move on to Solar.The bubbles symbolize the air pollution that knows no frontiers or borderlines. The Break Free Events were followed with an engagement activity with the local community in Hedera that suffers from the local coal power plant. Last year, Greenpeace won the struggle to close down the old coal units in Hedera, but the Energy Minister's actions might delay it.

Break Free Activities in Korea - Photo Album

Tangata Whenua and people from all over New Zealand blockaded peacefully the Petroleum Summit in New Plymouth, to prevent government and oil industry delegates from entering the TSB Showplace.

Break Free Activities in Philippines - Photo Album

25 March 2017,Bucharest, Greenpeace Romania launched the clean energy campaign, called Energy Citizens and send a message to the public to Break Free from fossil fuels and encourage citizens to support producing renewable energy. A Romanian street artist painted a wall off a local printing shop, in an attempt to change the energy of the space, sending a message that we, people, should also switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy. More than 100 people joined the event where they were informed about the benefits of becoming prosumers and where they got the chance to discuss with representatives of the renewable industry. Several audio-video installations showed how European communities become renewable energy producers.Credit: Cătălin Tomoiagă / Greenpeace Romania and Bogdan Iordache

Break Free coalition of more than 70 organizations, from the diverse fields of environmentalism, youth, health, human rights etc. - encouraged by more than 5.000 supporters that demanded the end of dirty energy era - prepared a creative and very loud wake up call to the Government of Slovenia in Ljubljana. Its time to wake up and start acting towards safe climate and clean energy.

Break Free Activities in South Africa - Photo Album

Greenpeace marks all the powerful power companies in Spain as activists began a simultaneous protest at Endesa headquarters in Madrid, Iberdrola in Bilbao and Gas Natural Fenosa in Barcelona,. Greenpeace denounces these companies for blocking the renewable energy with the consent of the Government who promote an energy system that causes pollution, climate change and high energy prices.

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